Our committees are the lifeblood of our programs and services. Without the passion and commitment of the volunteers who devote their time and energy to Habitat, we could not do our work here in Clarksville and Montgomery County. WE NEED YOU to volunteer for our committees to help us serve more low-income families in Montgomery County.

Family Selection Committee

2009-Clarksville-Habitat-FamilyThis committee is responsible for selecting qualified families for the affiliate to partner within their homeownership program. Members conduct outreach and orientation for potential applicants, screening applications, maintaining records and recommends families to the board of directors for selection while adhering to applicable equal housing opportunity laws. Help us find those families who need our help!

Family Support Committee

2009_Clarksville-Habitat-Family-Children-PlayingThis committee assists selected partner families on the path to homeownership and often continues the support relationship during the first year following occupancy. Committee members ensure that families understand and meet their partnership responsibilities. Members track sweat equity hours, advocate on behalf of our families, provide mentorship and educational programming. Committee members play a vital role in helping our partner families succeed as homeowners. If you love helping people succeed, join our team!

Resource Development Committee

This committee helps to ensure that the affiliate has the resources it needs to support its work and attain its goals. Members work with the Executive  Director to draft a diversified development plan, reach out to donors, nurture donor relationships and engage the full Board of Directors in the development process.  Have a knack for raising funds and procuring resources? Talk to us!

Public Relations Committee

This committee is responsible for publicizing and informing the public of the mission and plans of Habitat and this affiliate. Members work with the Executive Director and staff to develop marketing and promotional materials and to secure media coverage for dedications and events.  If you are a marketing guru, social media whiz or a fantastic graphic designer and want to help out, let us know!

ReStore Committee

This committee is responsible for developing donor sponsorship, enhancing operations through volunteer recruitment, coordination, organizing outreach, advocacy events highlighting community partnership and environmental conservation themes. The committee members work with the Restore Manager and staff to ensure successful operations to grow profits which support home construction while fulfilling its mission of renewing, reuse and recycling building materials, appliances and furniture. Volunteer and see what comes in first!!

Homeowner Relations Committee

This committee works with homeowners who need assistance and guidance in meeting their mortgage payment requirements.  This committee develops action plans, offers community referrals and implements legal resources to recover mortgage payments in a timely, efficient manner.

Building Committee

Habitat--Clarksville-Tennessee-First-Baptist-House-11This committee assists in managing the affiliate’s construction program. Members work with the Affiliate Construction Manager to select appropriate house plans, the budget for projects, order materials, coordinate the construction schedule, and makes sure codes are followed. In addition, members of this committee track expenses, supervise construction volunteers and ensuring site safety. Members, in coordination with the Family Support Committee, also helps educate partner families about construction and home maintenance. Work in the construction trade, real estate world or just want to help out?  Let us know!

Faith Relations Committee

This committee engages faith communities in Habitat’s ministry. It reaches out to churches, shares Habitat’s mission, invites them to partner, explores partnership opportunities, educates the community about the need for simple, decent, healthy housing and nurtures ongoing relationships. It also promotes the Apostles Build partnership program.

If you are interested in employing your professional and community talents as a committee member, please contact us!

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