Habitat for Humanity of Montgomery County Tennessee‘s new home owner program is NOT accepting applications at this time. The application period has been temporarily suspended due to the public health emergency created by COVID-19. 

Reopening of the application period will be evaluated on a month-by-month basis. Updates will be made available on this page.

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All Habitat for Humanity home buyer applicants must meet the following criteria:

Willingness to Partner

The partner family will:

  • Provide information in a timely, honest manner.
  • Participate in the home visit.
  • Meet the sweat-equity requirements.
  • Participate in education sessions.
  • Pay the down payment and closing costs
  • Avoid new debt during this process.
  • Live where the affiliate has land to build.
  • Agree to maintain the home.
  • Agree to pay the monthly mortgage.

Financial ability to pay mortgage

Based on the financial information provided, applicants are evaluated based on their income (working, retirement and/or disability), debts and credit history.   A partner family’s income should be sufficient so that their Habitat housing costs do not go over 30% of their income.

We use the Housing and Urban Development (HUD) income guidelines to determine if a family qualifies.  Minimum income of $808 per month for single homeowners not to exceed $2,995 per month for families of five. Download  the application to see full listing of income ranges.   Income can include social security, retirement, disability, Families First, child support, and/or alimony.

Need for suitable housing

Applicants who are financially capable of affording a Habitat mortgage will have a home visit by Family Selection Committee members to determine their need for housing.  Need may be based on one’s inability to afford their current housing, living with friends/relatives, overcrowded conditions, and/or structural problems. Not every applicant receives a home visit.

All applicants will be screened on the sex offender registry and have a criminal background check

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