Our Homes

We strive to build a house that is safe, healthy, durable and energy-efficient, and that will not burden the homeowner with excessive repair and maintenance obligations.

The living space is:


  • 2 bedroom house: 900 square feet
  • 3 bedroom house: 1,070 square feet
  • 4 bedroom house: 1,230 square feet
  • Typically 1 bathroom to 2 bathrooms for larger homes.
  • A covered, primary entrance
  • No garages, basements or carports.
  • Disability access is available for qualifying homeowners.


Habitat--Clarksville-Tennessee-First-Baptist-House-12Most properties are located in downtown Clarksville, south Clarksville, and New Providence.  Habitat is not only about simple, decent and affordable housing but also about revitalizing neighborhoods through new home construction.

Every partner family is taken on a site tour of lots appropriate for the home they will be building.  Partner families will walk the site; return at night and on the weekends to evaluate the lot for their future home.

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