HABITAT FOR HUMANITY FOR MONTGOMERY COUNTY, TENNESSEE 2017 Application and drop off with necessary documentation to the Habitat offices at 404 Madison Street.  Call 931-645-4222 for assistance.

All Habitat for Humanity home buyer applicants must meet the following criteria:

Willingness to Partner

The partner family will:

  • Provide information in a timely, honest manner.
  • Participate in the home visit.
  • Meet the sweat-equity requirements.
  • Participate in education sessions.
  • Pay the down payment and closing costs
  • Avoid new debt during this process.
  • Live where the affiliate has land to build.
  • Agree to maintain the home.
  • Agree to pay the monthly mortgage.

Financial ability to pay mortgage

Based on the financial information provided, applicants are evaluated based on their income (working, retirement and/or disability), debts and credit history.   A partner family’s income should be sufficient so that their Habitat housing costs do not go over 30% of their income.

We use the Housing and Urban Development (HUD) income guidelines to determine if a family qualifies.  Minimum income of $851 per month for single homeowners not to exceed $3,015 per month for families of five. Download  the application to see full listing of income ranges.   Income can include social security, retirement, disability, Families First, child support, and/or alimony.

Need for suitable housing

Applicants who are financially capable of affording a Habitat mortgage will have a home visit by Family Selection Committee members to determine their need for housing.  Need may be based on one’s inability to afford their current housing, living with friends/relatives, overcrowded conditions, and/or structural problems. Not every applicant receives a home visit.

All applicants will be screened on the sex offender registry and have a criminal background check


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